Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just a Promise

Warning: Code Examples are in CoffeeScript

I have been working on a javascript application over the past couple of months built with the Spine.js framework and things have gone really well. We are holding onto data for a current session and some of the less volatile data is only fetched once during that session and only when it's needed.

For example, we have "Discussions" and "Users" and we only fetch these models once during a session and in the case of a Discussion, we only fetch a full discussion one at a time. Also, while we batch fetch Users, we cannot guarantee when we render a Discussion along with Users and their avatars that all of the users are present at rendering time. This caused quite a bit of code that looks like this...

Yeah that sucks having code that looks like that littered all across the application and it can get even worse if you need to ensure that multiple pieces of data already tonight, I cleaned it up with a promise and am really happy with the results

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