Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Find and Open in VIM

Recently, Jamison Dance tweeted the following tweet

This tweet reminded me of one small painful item when using Vim - finding text across files and replacing said text with another value. Here is a classical example of doing this on the command line

That script searches all ruby files and replaces 'omc_data_service' with 'service' - that looks a lot more intimidating than what most text editors offer you doesn't it (you can read more about this script from my buddy Joe).

After you run the script above, you need to then review the code prior to committing to ensure the replacement worked properly and have your test suite confirm it. Also, that script can be time consuming to get right. I prefere to take a different approach.

With this approach, I am grepping across files for text and them opening all files with that text in Vim. Let's review how I build this command up each time I do something like this.

First, I start with simple grep command across a set of files using the `-r` option to search recursively, --`--include` to specify the file types to include and then, starting in my current directory.

After looking over my results from the command line quickly to help make sure I'm matching files I want correctly, I add the `-l` option to only include file names - this is a slight change up from the complicated way I used to do it, but like all unix tools - there are lots of chainsaws of different sizes.

After sanity checking the files, I wrap the command in `$()` and pass it to vim.

The `$()` is a shell expansion that takes all the file names as results and expands those as unique args to be passed into vim. Now you can use your normal vim commands to search and find replace in each file. After you are done with a file, use the command `:n` to skip to the next file.

PS. yes - I know I can grep from vim and skip across each reference, but when doing a find and replace, I prefer this method.

To read more about shell expansions, see the following reference:

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